Nutritional Services

First Visit: Initial Assessment (60-90 minutes) $150

*Introduction and Information Gathering
*Review of intake forms, food diary
*Health and lifestyle history
*Review current supplements and prescription medications
*Discuss current symptoms
*Review of personal health goals
*This is our time to get to know each other and start to work together on your Personalized          Nutritional Action Plan

Second Visit: (45-60 minutes) $80
Your second visit is geared towards discussing your unique biochemical individuality, nutritional status and specific nutritional needs. We will look at deficiencies, excesses or imbalances and take corrective action before little problems become big problems. Diet, supplements and lifestyle will be discussed. You will leave with a personalized nutritional action plan, complete with educational material, resources, recipes, shopping tips and recommended supplements.

Follow Up Consultations (30 minutes) $50
Continued guidance and support to help build and maintain health

Wellness Package $375
Includes First Visit, Second Visit plus four 30 minute consultations (save $55)

Introductory Session:
Discover how nutritional therapy can help restore your health and vitality.  Book a FREE 15 minute introductory session to discuss your health and wellness goals. 

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